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About Me

About Me

He is a network engineer and electronician. He manage the network and working in the laboratory for research and design of embedded systems.

Personal Info

Language French English
Date of Birth 30 september 1992
Hometown Yaoundé
Relationship Single

My Stats

Electronics systems design (numeric and analog systems)

80% Complete

PCB (Printed Circuit Board) design

80% Complete

Development of firmware for modules and electronic sensors designed around microcontrollers

80% Complete

Developing applications that interface between autonomous electronic systems and PC

75% Complete

Maintenance and functional analysis of digital electronic systems

80% Complete

Implementation of network services and secure network configurations

70% Complete

Traffic management and QoS optimization

70% Complete

Monitoring of network equipment

70% Complete

Computer and network maintenance

80% Complete

Design, deployment and telephone networks architectures management

70% Complete

Personal Info

15+ Project Done
15000 line of code
203+ PCB designed


After our academics studies, we are more focused on the development of our digital electronic skills and to have achieved passing several projects (the most complex to the simplest); We have written several technical papers maintenance and conducted academic research in some areas.

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Technological Bachelor
electrical engineering option electronic systems (end of training), IUSTE under the academic supervision of Douala University (Cameroon)
English training
practice of engligh language in workplace
Technological Bachelor
Telecomunications and networks, Institut Superieur Siantou under the academic supervision of Dschang University (Cameroon)
management of business ressources training
training seminar focused on staff management in enterprise
BTS (high national diploma equivalent)
Electronic,Institut Superieur Siantou (Cameroon)
project, production process and risk management training
first level of engineering studies in mecatronic
mathematics and physics, Ecole centrale polytechnique privée de Tunis (Tunisia)
Baccalauréat (GCE Advanced Level equivalent)
Electronic, Canadian Governement technical high school of Sangmelima (Cameroon)

Work Experience

Network manager and electronician, HIMORE MEDICAL (medical devices manufacturing).
May 2016 - Actually
in charge of network management, embedded systems design and sensor programmation
Professionnal trainee in electronic systems, HIMORE MEDICAL (medical devices manufacturing).
December 2015 - May 2016
in charge of electronic systems assembly, sensor design and programmation
Professionnal trainee in electronic systems, GIGATRONIK (electronic engineering).
2014 - 2015
in charge of microcontroler programmation, electronic systems maintenance and computer maintenance.
academic trainee in electronic systems, UNIVERS ELECTRO INFORMATIQUE (computer equipment sale and maintenance).
in charge of microcontroler programmation, electronic systems maintenance and computer maintenance.


electronics enthusiast, we have completed several projects in academic, professional and personal frameworks.Futhermore, we recently created a group of young electronics designer in order to further deepen our design and programming skills in electronic.


Designing of a centralized system control for management of alarms, openings and video surveillance of an installation

enable unified security management of an installation (intrusion detection, windows/door openning,ignition automatic control,video surveillance,detecting vibrations day night for a specify action... ) via a mobile platform (phone, tablet, PC)

Designing an electronic kit soil fertility test

enable and simplify wireless soil test for farmers or companies

Designing a digital source inverter

system which can switch from one source of energy to another on failure of the main source; possibility of notification, control and remote configuration

Maintenance Manual for power boards of network energy modules EMERSON HD4830-3 model used for the production of energy

co-written with Dr Denis Tchandjou (CEO of GIGATRONIK)

Configuring a WCDMA network: case UMTS standard 3G mobile networks (preliminary studies - link budget - generation radio cells - configuring services - Final test)

co-written with Jerry Bayiha in the context of the defense of a tutored project for obtaining a technical bachelor in telecommunication and mobile networks

Designing a timer for compressor protection

compressor protection system against inadvertent cuts and electricity brownouts

Maintenance Manual of power boards of plasma TVs

this manual show how to troubleshoot power boards of plasma TVs

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Phone (+237) 242 890 961
Skype salomon mn