The Teams

Our Company is made up of 18 peoples, among which 05 Engineers, 04 technicians, 03 editors and project writer, 03 support team members, 01 acccountant and 02 doctors.


Chief Engineer, Project manager, President and CEO

Chief Engineer, Project manager, and CEO. He is a Computer Science Engineer and biomedical engineering researcher. He supervises the company activities and mentors the engineers in charge of producing softwares and embedded systems.

Team Manager, and Chief Operation Officer

He is a Computer Science Engineer, and a software Architect. He has developed many applications, and has a great experience in software development and data base administration.

Project manager

He is a Computer Science Engineer and a project management certificated, he has a big experience in project management, his work is to present Himore Medical projects to public institutions like governments


Global Representative


Software Development Engineer

Jefferson OLONGO is a computer science engineer. He is in charge of the conception, the development of web technologies and of cloud applications produced by HIMORE MEDICAL.

Computing design Engineer

Holder of a Degree in Computer Engineering and Design from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure Polytechnique of Yaoundé, he has worked on various software development projects and networks. He is responsible for the implementation of real time and embedded systems for HIMORE MEDICAL.


Electronician, programmer and network administrator

He administers the computer network of Himore Medical and works in the laboratory for sensor development (design, programming).

Computer technician and designer

He is a computer science technician and is involved in the development of embedded systems. He also officiates as a product designer for HIMORE MEDICAL.

Computer science technician and programmer

He is a computer science, electronics design and computer graphics technician. He is presently working on the development of a customized low-cost fitness device which aims at helping anyone to monitor their physical efforts.

Electrician, harware developper

He participates in the development of embedded electronic systems for HIMORE MEDICAL.

Editor and project writer

Editor and project writer

Holder of a Modern Letters degree in French, and a Master’s Degree in Education Sciences, he contributes in the drafting and development of projects. He has worked on the drafting of numerous projects, namely that of HIMORE MEDICAL.

Senior translator-interpretor

He holds a B. A in Bilingual letters, and a Master’s Degree in translation, terminology and revision. He possesses a rich experience in technical and specialized translation, and computer and medical terminology. He is involved in bilingual editing and translation of technical and general documents, and also serves in interpretating.

Editor and project writer

With an HND in Executive Secretaryship, she is responsible for the drafting and enhancement of the company's projects. She has worked on numerous projects, namely the production of HIMORE MEDICAL and ZNG SMART CARDS FACTORY’s business plans.


Executive Assistant

Auditor in Human Resources Management, secretary, she assists and supports the CEO in the daily business management activities.

Advertisement Officer

Holder of an HND in International Trade, she contributes to the drafting of projects, inventory management and customer tracking.


She is a graduate in general education, and is in charge of reception and archives.



She holds an HND in Corporate Accountancy and is in charge of HIMORE’s accountancy matters. She equally participates in the financial drafting of the company’s project.